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Kingsgate Square Mile

Welcome to Kingsgate

Kingsgate is a niche practice providing our own experienced executives to troubled, mid-sized organisations. We work on behalf of lenders, investors and management teams exposed to the risks of underperformance.

We have a long track record, having operated at the heart of troubled enterprises since 1990, in all phases of decline – underperformance, distress and crisis - and at all stages of the business life-cycle. Although we have worked in many different industries, the distinct value we bring is our experience of improving businesses which are in difficulty.

Failing businesses share common characteristics including cash constraints, market pressure and over-stretched management. While there are no off-the-shelf solutions, typically action is required to:

  • Stabilise the crisis, identify the real issues and stop the slide
  • Address funders’ concerns, including management capabilities
  • Define, articulate and communicate the plan throughout the organisation
  • Create reliable financial and operational data – and then use it
  • Fix key processes so that they are ‘fit for this purpose’
  • Gain control of outcomes, understand variances and deviations in detail

Each case where stakeholder value has deteriorated is unique. But by consistently matching our niche expertise to an organisation’s situation, we have built an exceptional track record of stabilising crises and reversing decline. Consequently, we are frequent suppliers to banks’ credit teams and professional services firms.